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XEN cluster news


Had no time to do any enhancements to this installation except for performing regular Linux system updates. I actually believe that some of these updates have broken the heartbeat functionality of my system. A while back I noticed I started to have issues just performing a standard reboot of one node. When the node comes back up again, the VMs are active on both nodes. It has forced me now to switch off heartbeat just to avoid any data corruption. Have seen posts with similar issues so it is possible that my setup is not compatible with the latest version of heartbeat.

Would like to try a reinstall on the latest Ubuntu version, would be a great test to do while maintaining my live data.

Would also like to try the new free version on XenServer from Citrix. I know it is not open source, but it would be great for comparison. Smile


I bought a APC UPS which is currently feeding both of the two Dom0 nodes. I still have to install and configure the scripts so I can do automatic shutdowns in case of power failures.

Added new material describing how to extend a disk in a DomU that is based on DRBD on top of LVM. Please read more about it here: XEN extend DomU disk


Added info in the HowTo about a bug in the xendomains script. Also added a section for troubleshooting at the end of the HowTo.


I moved my Trixbox(Asterisk Linux distribution) installation from a physical machine to a virtual machine. I didn't migrate the system from a physical installation to a VM, I did a new installation of Trixbox on a VM and then copied the configuration for Asterisk.

I first installed Trixbox as HVM and later converted it to a PVM. Please read more about it here: Convert Trixbox HVM to PVM

Last Updated on Saturday, 10 October 2009 14:36