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Install CUCM on Xen

Studying for the Cisco voice certifications it was needed to have a lab environment with CUCM, Cisco Unified Communication Manager. CUCM is only approved to run in lab environments on VMWare, but with my Xen cluster already in place, with 2 nodes each with 8GB of RAM, that was where I wanted to run it. Plus, it was also a challenge to get it working. This article will describe how to get CUCM running on Xen by first installing it in VMware and then transferring it to Xen.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 May 2012 17:23

My XEN cluster project is running in a stable configuration and I currently have a mix of both Linux and Windows virtual machines. More info here.

Living overseas in The Netherlands made it important to be able to do cheap and hassle free calls to our families and friends in other parts of the world. This was accomplished by using SIP and the open source PBX, Asterisk. And by connecting an ATA to the network, Asterisk were able to seamlessly route both SIP and PSTN calls.
Please read more about my VoIP project here.


My sister just finalized the first version of her company's
website. She is running a private photography firm. Have
a look at http://www.fotografjohanna.asplund.nu/

Last Updated on Monday, 07 May 2012 17:03

Cisco Lab

Working on setting up a Cisco lab environment utilizing my XEN cluster to host the different systems. GNS3 will be used to simulate routers, and virtual machines will be created for CUCM, Unity and UCCX. Cisco implements hardware control for CUCM to deny installations on unsupported platforms, but they have opened it for VMWare to allow for lab environments used for testing and certification preparations. With my XEN cluster already in place I hope to be able to install it without having to move to VMWare.

Last Updated on Sunday, 03 October 2010 13:39